How It Works

The easy way to buy lingerie for her or guide him to that must have gift!

This section explains how to use some of the special functions you will find on our site.


Let her choose the size
Letting her choose the size couldn’t be easier. Just browse the site and when you see some lingerie that you like just click the “let her choose the size” button. A box will then pop up with your item inside. Should you want to choose some other lingerie as well just click “continue shopping” and you can continue adding to your list. Once you have added all the gifts you want simply enter the lucky lady’s email address and then press send. All you need do then is proceed to the check out and pay.  

If the recipient is a member of the site and has enabled the surprise gifts option then the gift will be sent to her using the size and delivery address information she has already stored in her account. If she is new to BFH Online, or has not enabled the surprise gift function, she will be sent an email letting her know you have bought her some beautiful lingerie and explaining how she can claim her gift (enter her sizes and delivery address etc).

BFH Online ensures the confidentiality of both the buyer and person receiving the goods at all times. We do not and will not share any personal information with either party in these transactions (apart from the buyers name and email address when sending the invitation to the person receiving the goods).

Guide him to the right gift
For those ladies who want to give their partner a little extra help they can choose the “guide him to this gift” option. All they need to do is choose the items and the sizes that they want and then just click the “guide him to this gift” button. They then enter his email address and he will receive an email notifying him that she has chosen some beautiful lingerie for him to buy. If he is content he can simply pay and we will dispatch the gifts. Lets face it ladies you’ll have to look pretty hard to make the shopping experience any easier for him. But be careful you are definately going to put ideas in his head!

One click to choosing your beautiful lingerie quantity and size
BFH Online has also created a much simpler approach to choosing sizes and quantities. Using size blocks the buyer simply clicks on the size they want for the corresponding piece of lingerie and the block will change colour signifying the choice and the quantity counter will count up one. Should you want more than one just click on the size as many times as needed and the quantity will count on upwards. You can also use the buttons to reduce the quantity should your excitement get the better of you. If you click on the wrong size just click on the right one and the order will change and the quantity will revert back to one again. When you are content with your choice just hit the “add to bag” button and away you go.