About Us

The easiest way to buy lingerie for her

BFH Online is an online lingerie boutique selling only the most beautiful designer lingerie. So take your time to look at our beautiful site. Just like a boutique if you can’t find what you want or you want to talk about some of our products just ask (we can always call you back). And if you can’t see what you want, whether it is a size or range from one of our suppliers, we can find it for you and at a very competitive price!

At BFH Online it is our mission to make the buying of beautiful lingerie easier. We do this with a new approach to buying which is simpler and much more interactive, even flirtatious, making the whole experience more in tune with your needs whether you are choosing or receiving that most special of gifts.


Lingerie is the most beautiful and intimate of gifts to buy a woman but it is not always the easiest to get right. At BFH online we have taken the main anxiety out of buying lingerie, namely knowing her sizes. Usually trying to find out what her sizes are can be a tricky and delicate business. Get the sizes wrong and not only do you have to return the items but you have just spoilt a very special moment for you both. And trying to find out those all-important sizes can lead to some awkward situations. Using our website you can avoid all these problems by simply letting her choose the sizes. Just browse our site, click on the lingerie that you like and then click the “let her choose the size” button. Then all you need do is pay and she can simply enter her details confidentially on our secure site to complete the order.


Alternatively should the lady find a very special lingerie gift she must have, then she can use our site to guide him to the right place by simply clicking on the item and then clicking the guide him to this gift button. He will then be sent an email with a link that will take him straight to the payment page – no need to remember the site name, any sizes or the delivery address, he just pops in his card details and that very special lingerie gift will be on its way.  


The buying of lingerie is an act of pure passion but nothing can frustrate that passion faster than having to trawl through lots of pages when looking for that special gift. At BFH Online you won’t be swamped with irrelevant or dubious lingerie products because we operate more like a lingerie boutique than a department store. We only buy the most beautiful lingerie from established quality brands. This means you do not need to sift through pages of ok lingerie or obscure brands to find that special lingerie gift. In addition to this we have developed our site to be clutter free and straightforward to use, so you can concentrate on making that all-important lingerie gift choice. The only problem you will have at BFH Online is choosing from all the beautiful lingerie that we stock.


Technology is all-important when you want the ease and convenience of buying lingerie online. The high tech approach that we bring to your online shopping experience is exceptional. We don’t stop at offering you the most innovative and interactive approach to buy lingerie we also ensure that our site is run using the latest technologies so whether you are sitting at your home computer, using your mobile phone or any other mobile devises, our site automatically resizes its pages to fit your screen. So no need to download another app just come to our site and it will work. In addition to this we have made it simpler and faster for you to choose lingerie sizes and quantities with our ‘one click’ approach to purchasing, speeding up the boring bits of shopping.


We take security very seriously because we want you to buy from us in the confidence that everything is safe and secure. So all payments taken through BFH Online are handled securely through PayPal and wherever you enter any personal information on our site it is covered by the highest standards of site internet security to ensure your whole lingerie shopping experience with us is as safe as it can be.


We are sure you will enjoy your shopping experience with us but if you have any feedback about how we could improve our service or other products that you would like to see us selling please do not hesitate to contact us using the email address below. We are doing all of this to make you happy so please don’t hesitate to share your views.  enquiries@bfhonline.co.uk